Locri gives you the freedom to choose and the support to succeed

It’s a big deal to jump from a familiar environment to a different business model, but the move to Locri makes sense.

Current recruitment agency structures are broadly hierarchical and restrictive. They are also self-defeating. If you do well, the targets get tougher, and the owners get wealthier. If you decide to leave to start your own agency, the risks are high and you will spend as much time working on the business as in it—less appealing if you actually enjoy recruiting.

The Locri partnership model enables you to financially capitalise on your recruitment expertise, to reduce the risk through a collaborative environment, and most of all to keep doing what you love.

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Professional experience

Locri welcomes experts in any built environment discipline. Within our collegiate structure you can build your reputation and your business autonomously—supported by your colleagues, rather than in competition with them.

The aim is for you to develop your knowledge, increase your depth of understanding and strengthen your relationships. That way we provide more value to clients, better guidance for candidates and deliver long-term benefit for all.

Thinking long-term leads to greater success. Instead of being given hefty billing targets, you set your own ambitions for yourself and have the support to deliver.

There is also freedom to develop expertise beyond your usual field, but either way the investment you make in your skills, experience and relationships increases your ability and your success.

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The support to do a great job better

The Locri approach breeds success through collaboration, rather than competition. Each recruiter has his/her own defined professional field of operations and geographical area in which to work. The object is to be able to build your business to the size you want, in the areas you know best.

There is no internal one-upmanship. No recruiter competes with another for clients or candidates. Instead they share through a financial model that divides the benefit of collaboration fairly. The advantage of collaboration that accrues to the group is an ability to access larger companies that would otherwise be difficult for sole traders.

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The freedom to choose how you work

You are not chained to a desk nor slave to the demands of any boss but yourself. Locri’s model ensures you are able to define the targets and set the effort you feel is right to balance work with the rest of life.

With Locri, you can choose how to build your business and manage your time. It goes without saying that such freedom is bound to benefit lifestyle. You can fit work in when it suits, adjusting your working week to match your lifestyle.

As a recruitment partner in Locri you decide how many hours a week to commit to your role. Expertise and reputation can be built during 20 hours per week, or as much as 50 hours; our model is flexible enough to accommodate personal experience and circumstance.

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We believe in a sustainable income base that is vastly more generous.

The financial model in recruitment hasn’t changed in decades. Employees get a base salary with incentives to get people jobs—it’s effective at stacking the numbers in favour of the business owner, but how about everyone else?

The Locri model is built on the basis of recruiters earning 80% of the fee for each role they place.

There is no base salary, but there are also very low overheads in the business. As a fee earner you are not paying for an expensive office, or directors’ excessive salaries, nor for administrative staff and the cost of training junior employees.

Collaborative approach to client development rewards sharing.

As an experienced recruiter you will already have built up your own area of expertise and client contacts. So have other Locri recruiters, but we do not compete, instead we act together to share the benefit of our client connections.

For example, if you recruit Architects for your client, through Locri you might introduce an Interiors recruiter to this client. Placements made by your Interior colleague to this client reward you with 15% of the fee, (the Interior Recruiter still collecting 65%).

The model encourages sharing and client development and enables everyone to benefit. Contrast that with the competitive, sales-led approach you’re probably familiar with at every other recruitment agency. Another benefit is that the model encourages quality rather than quantity.

With the Locri model targets are not imposed. By aiming for a high quality service, you build trust and reputation. You will set the level of work that works for you and your lifestyle, you will not be under pressure to deliver ever higher returns, nor will you be competing with other recruiters in the Locri network.

Locri is seeking new consultants to join its expanding network.

Discover the possibilities.

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