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Locri is a different kind of recruitment firm

Sensing the need for change in the specialist recruitment business, Locri was established to challenge established ideas.

Our business model is different, being partnership based, administratively light, low overhead, and driven by collaboration rather than competition.

Locri is also values-based and built on principles. It reflects the professionalism that the many good people in recruitment find is compromised by prevailing recruitment business models.

The benefits are different too. Our operational model and ownership structure imply obvious advantages, and our ethical environment enables less tangible but nonetheless highly desirable rewards.

Our concept and culture are changing recruitment for the better

Our business ethos Our business ethos

Freedom in a framework

To break free of the familiar structure of recruitment and many of its less appealing commercial imperatives, Locri is a collective operation.

Rather than a hierarchical desk and directorship model, everyone acts as an independent operation within a collective support wrapper.

In fact there aren’t any desks at all. With no central office and only the bare essential administrative functions, our overheads are minimal, which means you see more of the financial benefit from every relationship you invest your time and effort in.

A collaborative approach benefits you, your colleagues and clients

Culture and support Culture and support

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