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Locri consultants are changing the face of recruitment for architects, ecologists, landscape architects and urban designers.

Carl Madden-Thomas


I started Locri after working as a landscape architect. When you’re in the profession, it’s quite common to see that just as people face a challenge trying to make a career, firms struggle to identify the talent to build their reputation.

Locri was conceived as a vehicle to solve both problems by challenging conventional recruitment practice, which often seems at odds with the interests of candidates and firms.

The Locri model is based on specialist independent consultants with in-depth professional experience operating as associates. Unlike the typical agency, they develop long-term relationships aimed at understanding and fulfilling client objectives and guiding and advising the careers of candidates—helping both to achieve their aims and potential.

For consultants the Locri model is a refreshing change. Instead of flogging away at a numbers game, it rewards investment in relationships. Everyone acts independently but does so within a collective support wrapper—there is extra incentive to help each other and leverage the skills and connections of the wider group.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it, and the web explains the details, but if you’d like to discuss any aspect, please message me and I’ll be only too happy to send more information and start a conversation. Current Jobs

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Lisa Cooper

Operations Director

I have spent the last 15 years in Operations; both in the Corporate environment, and as part of a dynamic and fast-paced startup, focusing my time on driving efficiency, scalability and strategic project management.

As a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), I spent many years leading cross-functional teams, fostering innovation and nurturing top-tier talent through coaching and mentoring. This experience highlighted for me the importance of building long term relationships, and putting people at the heart of what you do.

Joining Locri as Operations Director, I will be bringing my operational experience and strategic acumen to support the team in driving operational excellence and sustainable growth for the future. Current Jobs

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Pablo Lombardo

Associate Urban Design + Design Recruiter

After more than 10 years as a Landscape Architect with one of the UK’s leading Landscape Studio’s I have decided to change my career direction and use my experience in a different way. I will be managing Urban Design recruitment in the UK and also helping to further develop Locris’ presence in The Middle East.

I first qualified as an Architect in Madrid, and then studied at the Edinburgh College of Art for 2 years to gain my Masters in Landscape Architecture. My experience in the UK working as an Associate Landscape Architect in Edinburgh & London has afforded me the opportunity to work extensively with Urban Designers and Architects. I have a very strong ‘insider’ knowledge of these professions, having worked on projects both in the UK and Internationally, including the Middle East.

I fully understand that each persons career, and career ambitions are both unique and very important to them. My approach is very candidate focussed - in simple terms I know that if I put in the time to best understand a person and his / her career my advice to them and my clients will be strong. My previous professional experience, and the broader ambitions of Locri allow me to do this.
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Richard Hall

Associate Architecture and Design Recruiter

After eight years as an architect at Foster & Partners and lead architect at Wilkinson Eyre, I decided to go independent, using my experience in a different way to help aspiring architects and designers find the right roles in a competitive but rewarding field.

Everyone in the industry can find the perfect place and achieve more with the right guidance and connections. As a lead architect I learnt how to build successful teams, and I use that experience in helping candidates and clients in finding the right match—understanding the range of people, what they want, and where they’ll do their best work and be happy.

I believe it’s important to have the experience and the industry knowledge, but also to be able to give candidates the time and the guidance they deserve. It’s a slightly different approach to recruitment than most people are familiar with, and it’s a more successful one in the long-term, as the focus is absolutely on what’s best for client and candidate equally. It’s a big shift from practice, but I’ve found a niche in helping candidates find the right opportunities and it’s profoundly satisfying when you do. Current Jobs

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Laura La Greca

Associate Interior Architecture & Design Recruiter

After 11 years of working as an Architect, I have learned that building relationships is one of my strongest skills. Whether with colleagues or clients, I believe the best results are achieved through collaboration and strong connections. As a Senior Architect, I focused on managing people and overseeing design projects while taking on significant responsibility for the work and professional development of my team members. Today I use my experience and skills to assist people in finding the right roles in the architecture and design industry.

Graduating in Rome in Architectural Design, I moved to London after my qualification as an Architect. I began my career working on large commercial and residential developments, and later specialised in interior commercial projects. While working for other firms, I also established my own small architecture practice, delivering outstanding residential and commercial projects in both Italy and the UK.

I strongly believe that each person is unique, as is their career path. For this reason, I prioritise dedicating time to candidates to understand their ambitions and career perspectives. Combined with my deep knowledge of the industry, this approach allows me to provide the best possible guidance and support on their career journey. Current Jobs

Hannah Thomas

Associate Architecture and Design Recruiter

Having worked as a Project Architect for 8 years, I found that the thing I enjoyed most about my job was working with people. I thrived on solving problems and leading clients through well-coordinated projects with a strong sense of direction and leadership. This is what led me to change my career and use my skills in a new way.

I gained my Bachelor and Masters degrees from The University of Edinburgh. I then qualified as an Architect in Birmingham and developed a wealth of experience working in the HE and commercial sectors. Following this, I set up my own small practice, working primarily in the residential sector.

I feel its important to have an easy to work with approach and generate long-standing relationships to help candidates find their right path in, what should be, a highly rewarding field. I take time to fully understand each person’s ambition and direction - it’s important to have a deep knowledge of the industry to give candidates efficient guidance. This experience, alongside a passion for finding the right people with the qualifications, experience, sector knowledge and personality allow me to understand my candidate and build a strong team of clients. Current Jobs

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Jon Cobley

Associate Project Management + Environmental Recruiter

I graduated in 2005 with a BA in Geography from the University of Sheffield and soon found myself in the world of recruitment. Since then, I have gained over 15 years industry experience, both in-house and agency, thus giving me a unique insight of resourcing best practice from a candidate, client and third party supplier perspective. My history to date spans a number of engineering consultancy sectors including Project Management, Quantity Surveying and Highways Engineering, having worked for multi-national and SME consultancies.

At Locri I shall be focusing on developing our Project Management and Infrastructure/Environmental Engineering presence across the UK and the Middle East. I fully understand that relationship building and making the right decisions is key for candidates and clients alike, and a positive journey for all involved is paramount.
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Britta Siggelkow

Leadership Coach

I am an accredited leadership coach and strategic thinking partner in the built environment. My expertise is in the areas of leadership, career development, and business vision and strategy. I am also founder of THINK:BUILD, a coaching and consulting practice created to give architects and designers the time and space to see their practice holistically.

My work is supported by more than 25 years professional experience as an architect in Australia, Germany and the UK.

What I love most about coaching is the fact that it is completely focused on the positive - helping my clients realise their full potential, and that of their business and team.

I work in a collaborative style with my clients with the coaching tailored to the individual’s needs, which is highly supportive whilst challenging. My coaching style has been described as warm, facilitative, reflective and goal orientated.

Coaching Qualifications:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) - accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Licensed Firework™ Career Coach.

Trained Thinking Partner – certified by Nancy Kline’s TIME TO THINK.
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