Date 03/02/2021

Author Carl

This week we are really pleased to announce that Zoe Green has joined Locri. She will be specialising in the Ecology and Arboriculture sectors.

A big welcome to Zoe Green – Ecology & Arboriculture Specialist

Zoe has over 25years working within the Environmental Design sector. She has always taken a keen interest in colleague’s culture, experience, background and supported individuals in their career and projects within multi-disciplinary teams. As an Associate Specialist Recruiter, [Ecology and Arboriculture], Zoe now brings these skills and sector experience to the fore with Locri to support clients and candidates with their respective interests and aspirations.

Locri is established on a foundation of strong ethics, belief in the importance of positive social impact and transparent governance, we aim to operate as a ‘business for good’. Zoe shares these values and is looking forward to building trusting relationships and offering informed advice to her clients and professional contacts.

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